About us

We are a digitally enabled broker solution
empowering distributors to become efficient.


We are modernising the world of insurance. Our software takes your traditional insurance products and turns them into a year long interactive relationship with your customer.

We give back

We are looking to support the communities in which our App is used. A portion of our profit buys a para-metrically triggered insurance policy so we can provide funds to the most needy. We design with the consumer and community at its heart.

Who can we help

Targeting companies who are looking to enable their customer with technologies that are often taken for granted but underused, giving the freedom flexibility and control they deserve.

Meet the team

An experienced leadership group is delivering the future for personal Insurance.

Edward Clark

Founder & CEO

Edward’s 20+ years in top independent Lloyd’s brokers, placing both complex and non-proportional risks combined with his passion for technology has driven him to start Paper. Edward has focused most of his career on the emerging markets and delegated underwriting and so is ideally placed with an understanding of the process, capacity providers, and product distribution.

Geraldo Vigano


Graduated in Economics and Finance, Geraldo is an experienced investment management professional. He worked for over 12 years in energy and infrastructure investments with world-leading players, completing deals for over £1bn. Since 2015 he shifted the focus towards technology companies, having worked with over 15 companies and over £5m raised.

Joe Stepniewski

Tech Consultant

Joe is an internet entrepreneur, Co-founder of Skimlinks, and ConsenSys. Leading investments in blockchain products and well versed in biz dev and build strategy.

Hernán Carrizo


Hernan is based in Argentina and has over 15 years of experience in Mobile and Desktop development. Having spent four years in London as a Senior Developer at IG and ThoughtWorks. Hernan is experienced in team building and leading and has a passion for AI and product design.

Débora Edelberg

Lead User Experience Designer

Débora is a passionate product designer, curious about how people think, feel, behave, and interact with the world. She has worked with the aerospace, banking, scheduling, non-profit, and eCommerce industries and has over ten years of expertise in multi-platform digital products.

Are you ready to digitally transform?