We are Paper Insurance

We are your technology partner to deliver a new user experience.

Why choose
Paper insurance?

Technology for business

Paper is a white label software mobile solution for your customer and on your sales teams desktop.

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How it works

Your customers take a photo of their property or car and then answer a few basic questions.

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Insurance easier with AI

A few simple steps leveraging existing and emerging technologies as well as multi-data source algorithmic power, to capture customer information and tailor the insurance for each policyholder.

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Reduce costs

We reduce the frictional and transactional costs. Our software will handle the KYC checks, reporting, policy issuance, premium handling and claims initiation process.

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Who we are

About Paper Insurance

We are a digitally enabled broker solution
empowering distributors to become efficient.

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Digitally enabled software solution empowering
distribution and driving through efficiencies

We provide a mobile first solution

We’re taking insurance from a grudge purchase to a year-long interactive relationship that customers can opt in and out of.

We give back

We want to reduce the gap between insured losses and economic losses following catastrophic events. We will deploy a share of our profits into buying parametrically triggered policies to respond in the territories that we are working in. The consumer and their community are what drive our business.

We like insurance

We like insurance because it puts people in control of the lives they’ve worked so hard to build. Insurance isn’t complicated as the industry makes it out to be. It’s actually pretty simple. And when you use Paper, you’ll like it, too.

What do we offer

We continue to innovate and deliver our clients a cutting edge mobile solution.

We include:

Optimised UX: Technology reduces forms and simplifies purchase process.

Automation: Back-end integration with the App. Customers get quote and policy in one iteration.

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