Digitally enabled software solution empowering
distribution and driving through efficiencies

Save Paper with Paper

With Paper, people save money because they pay for only the insurance they need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Seamless onboarding

From quote through payment to claims making and everything in between.

Mobile first application

Our policyholders choose their coverage from their smartphones or laptops. Easily, immediately, conveniently.

Automated Reporting

Our data accuracy and granularity mean less operating costs and more business.

Instant data capture and entry

The app compiles cleansed, accurate client data at source, without human error creeping in.

Simple claims management

Initiate the claims process and collect relevant information for adjusters and underwriters.

How it works

Take a photo

Start the process by taking a photo and answering a couple of questions. Simple.

Handling the process

The premium is paid and the policy delivered to your phone and to your email. In the background we are producing the reports and Management Information in the format require.

Empowering your customer

Let the insured buy their policy and initiate claims in their time. Use the benefits of the mobile phone and AI to make the process as simple as possible.

What we offer

Insurance is costly, inconvenient and often un-evolved. Paper tackles the key pain points to deliver a streamlined experience changing the customer's experience of insurance.

  • Less Costs
  • Cheaper Products
  • More inclusion
  • Accurate Data
  • Bespoke Products

Our technology

Our technology eliminates the need for time consuming and costly broker data input. Our app’s efficiency and automated entry strips costs at every level.

Data Driven decisions

Digital broker delivering personal lines’ insurance for emerging markets.

Artificial inteligence

With AI we provide a faster automated insurance for the agencies of the future.


Policy production, management reports, premium payment in your customer's hands.

Are you ready to digitally transform?